Why Should I Backup?

August 19, 2011 9:44 pm Announcements, Back-Ups, Canada, Cloud, Colosseum Related, Data Center, Offsite Backup, Online Backup

Why Should I Backup

Backing up is one of the most over looked processes in life today, with computers so intertwined in day to day activities many people have come to just expect certain things to always be there when they need it. Could you imagine if you came into work, looking forward to finishing that report that’s due on the bosses desk in a few hours, and your computer didn’t start. The only thing on your screen is a small white cursor blinking at you.

What if you were at home and all of the sudden everything goes dark, there is a sudden and unexpected power outage in your neighbour hood, and when everything comes back up your hard drive is toast. Years worth of music, videos, pictures, emails, and documents lost in the blink of an eye. It sounds horrific and it is, but it is not something we think about until it happens.

I am sure if you ask around someone you know has experienced the nightmare of data loss. But it can be avoided, backup solutions are now being offered here at Colosseum Online. Starting from just $9.99 a month we provide you with the program and space on our cloud to store you files. Our setup process is very simple and once you decide how much space you need and purchase the appropriate package you will be able to start backing up your files in minutes.

Our backup service is powered through our cloud infrastructure, this means you get the security and piece of mind of the cloud along with the uber simplicity of our backup software. All you do is download the installer program, install the software on your computer, sign in with you Colosseum Account and create a backup set to start backing up your files right away. Our wizard walks you through the process of selecting the files to backup, when to back them up and how often they should be backed up. Then your data is encrypted and sent to us for safe keeping.

When you need to retrieve your data the process is just as simple, download the program on your new computer, log in to your account, click the restore button, choose the data you want to restore and it is then downloaded from our servers to your machine, decrypted and restored! Voilà!

We even have more advanced features for businesses that allow you to backup multiple backup sets. You can have one for your data, one for SQL databases, one for Exchange mail boxes and more! For a full list of features and pricing please see our website or you can call us at any time to get more information about any of our wide range of products and services.

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